18 April 2006

Prophetic Voices

I want to generate a little discussion with this post, so here goes...

In the last 100 years, who do you think has spoken with the loudest prophetic voice? What issue(s) did/does this person speak to? Why do you mention this particular individual?

I really want your honest feedback on this question, so think about it and post your comment.


10 April 2006

Time for a new post!

This weekend was one of those life-changing times that only happens once during the course of a life. Well, I say that the weekend was life-changing, but really the good stuff happened on Sunday morning during worship. But first, the background...

On Friday, Deb, Caitlyn, and I went out to eat with my parents, grandparents, sister, and brother-in-law. They were all in town to celebrate Caitlyn's baptism on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, Deb, Caitlyn, and I hosted Deb's parents and Caitlyn's godparents, Morgan & Rachel Schilhab at our house for dinner. Again, they were in town for Caitlyn's baptism on Sunday morning.

On Sunday, I had the privilege to baptize my daughter. And not only did all of our immediate family get to witness the event, but our Trietsch family joined us in celebrating Caitlyn's welcoming into the body of Christ.

I must confess that I was rather nervous all morning long - mostly because I didn't want to forget anything (like my new stole or my "lines" in the liturgy) or drop my little girl (not that I would in a million years!) or cry too much. I was successful on all fronts, but the crying thing did take some effort to avoid! What a great joy to be able to baptize my own daughter and to share that with so many people that we love and respect. It was truly a magical weekend!


PS - Elevation is off to a great start!