20 May 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

A colleague of mine sent me this picture of Caitlyn today (it's from our Trunk or Treat back in October) because she just got it off her camera. Caitlyn's classic pose is still my favorite!

19 May 2008

Saying Thank You

Yesterday was an emotional day. I preached my final sermon at Trietsch on Colossians 1:3-12 as a way of expressing my thanks for their support and encouragement over the last three years. It was a great day for Debbie and I - we truly felt loved.

After each service there was a cake and punch reception where I shook hands with a whole bunch of people. I must say that there were plenty of people I didn't recognize, but there were plenty that I shared ministry with over the past few years. Only a few people came through the line with teary eyes, but I pretty much knew that they would do that beforehand. (They know who they are...they don't need to be named here.) Surprisingly, there were a few people who came up to me that I didn't remember having a ministry connection with, but they told me how I had ministered to them in some way (usually a small and automatic (for me) way) - that was truly affirming of my time at Trietsch.

Heading into the day, I thought that the more I watched the video for my sermon, the more I would be numb to the emotion inherent in the story. HAH! That was the most naive thing I have thought in quite a while. The exact opposite was true! I got more emotional each time I watched the video because I knew that I would have to turn around and speak to the body of Christ who has loved me and my family about how much I loved them.

If you were there to hear my sermon live, I appreciate your support. If you were not able to hear the sermon live, click here to listen. If you are looking forward to hearing me here, don't worry...I'll be there in just 4 short weeks!

07 May 2008

Touching Them All

I read about this story on Saturday afternoon and it brought me to tears. When people do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, I truly believe that brings a smile to God's face. When we commit ourselves to living for the things of God, we are truly able to live.

HT: Tony Morgan

02 May 2008

Off to SA

Debbie, Caitlyn and I are off to San Antonio for a few days, so I won't be posting over the weekend. I'll put up some pictures of our adventures at Sea World when I return.

Praise God that General Conference was successful once again!