30 April 2008

Ugh, we talked with our agent last night and it looks like the sellers can't move out until 5 weeks after we need to be moved in, so we are trying to figure out if we want to counter or walk away. Please pray!

29 April 2008

Message From an Addict

Each time I read Flowerdust.net I am inspired to be a better person and a better leader. Today was no exception...even if she didn't write the post! If you like what Pete has to say, check out more of his thoughts here.

What are you addicted to? What's keeping you trapped in that addiction?

28 April 2008

Speaking of closings...Deb and I just submitted an offer on a house in Wichita Falls! Let's all pray that the sellers are willing to accept our offer.

Just Finished PGTC

I finished Pop Goes the Church this morning and I can't wait to share the insights from the book with my new church. I pray that we can work together to leverage pop culture in order to bring more people into a relationship with Christ thru UUMC.

I know that the transition and integration may be difficult, but I truly feel that the move toward a more culturally relevant approach to ministry will pay off dividends long into the future. I have seen this approach to ministry work very well at Trietsch and I can only imagine what life transformations could be on the horizons for University as we move forward in this endeavor.

Thanks Tim, for your book, your love for people who are loved by God, and your passion for sharing the successes of GCC! May we all have the opportunity to help everyone in our community to know that they matter to God and they matter to us.

25 April 2008

Closings & Openings

Sorry for my absence over the past two weeks. Things are getting crazy at work. Between closing up shop at Trietsch and setting up shop at University, I am trying to minister to two congregations at the same time because both of them need me to be present for them over the next six weeks or so.

As I reflect on my three years at Trietsch, I can see that they have done the hard work it takes to be culturally relevant in a day and age when most churches major in navel-gazing. I am grateful that the church takes its role in raising up leaders for the next generation seriously - because I would not be moving on to my new position without the benefit of serving at Trietsch.

As I dream about the future at University, I can see that they are ready to do new things and become a force for God in the Wichita Falls community. I am thankful that they are willing to take direction from an up-and-comer like me, but I also know that we have plenty of hard work and long nights ahead of us.

And in the midst of all of that reflecting and dreaming, Deb and I are looking to buy a house, so we now have that additional stress added into our lives. It has been fun to look online at the homes, but we both know that those pictures only go so far and we need to see the homes in person. If only it didn't require a two hour drive to get to those homes. Oh well, such is life!

BTW - General Conference 2008 is underway. You can check out the daily happenings here. I'll try to comment on the events a few days at a time over the next two weeks. To hold you over, check out Matt Lockett's section of the Young Peoples Address to the whole assembly.

Are we willing to wait for the future of the church or are we compelled to do something now to make the future of the church even better?

12 April 2008

Blogging Pastors = Good!

I found some compelling reasons to make sure that I continue to blog. Not only for my own sanity, but for the good of my church.

UPDATE: Read the first comment here to validate this article.

11 April 2008

Plowing Ahead

This morning I worked for about 3 hours at Starbucks so that I would not have to worry about ringing phones or hallway conversations distracting me from some much needed thinking. This is my usual Friday morning routine, but some weeks I am more faithful to it than others. This morning was one of the faithful weeks.

I was able to:
Looking at that list I feel pretty productive...I guess I should get to some emails now!

10 April 2008

Talking with 2 Year Olds

Yesterday one of my fellow staffers here at Trietsch shared with me an experience that she had on Sunday with my daughter, Caitlyn. She told me that Caitlyn was hanging out around the door of her Sunday School classroom in order to see what was happening in the hallway outside her room. Chris went over to Caitlyn and asked her about her dress. Chris told me that Caitlyn began to go on and on about her "polka dots" (read: polka dotted pink dress) and how much she loved them.

Chris was so amazed that she could have a conversation with Caitlyn. I guess I am somewhat less amazed by it because I talk to Caitlyn everyday. I wonder how Caitlyn feels about that? How many times do we underestimate how much we (as adults) are able to talk with / hold a conversation with children under the age of 5? How many times do we underestimate how much we (as younger adults) are able to talk with / hold a conversation with adults over the age of 65?

I talk with Caitlyn everyday, so I am not surprised when she responds to what I am saying to her. I talk with God everyday, yet I am sometimes surprised when God responds to what I am saying to him. Why is that?

What makes us think that we are unworthy of a response from our Creator?
Why are we surprised when God shows up?


07 April 2008


In the past few months I have begun working with the Senior Adult population here at Trietsch and I must say that they are a fun bunch of folks. They are very energetic and they love to get together for trips to the theater, lunches as a large group, and overnight trips to some famous Texas locales.

I enjoy putting together the monthly luncheons that we have in the Ministry Center, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow's lunch. Tomorrow we are hosting Rabbi Geoff Dennis from Congregation Kol Ami. He will be sharing with us about the Jewish festival of Passover - the history, significance, and the traditions associated with this high holy day. It is one of the most festive days on the Jewish calendar!

I know that Rabbi Dennis is an engaging speaker and a brilliant thinker. He does tons of interfaith work in the Flower Mound community and he will bring insight and wisdom to our group of folks gathered for lunch tomorrow.

Email me if you want to come to his presentation and catch a cheap lunch!

04 April 2008

June Sermon Series Ideas

I am putting together my first sermon series for University right now and I am really looking forward to preaching it the last three weeks in June. I need some help though.

I am preaching on "Hope in the Midst of Change" and I would love to share some stories from the real world...not just my stories, but your stories as well. I will spend the first week talking about Jesus as the "hope of your life". I will talk about leadership as the "hope of the church" during week 2. And I will finish by declaring the local church...when it is working right as the "hope of the world (HT: Brad Powell).

What stories do you have about:
1) Christ giving you hope to your life?
2) Leadership infusing hope into your church?
3) The local church working right to inspire hope in the world?