27 February 2006

Initial Emmaus Reflections

I thought I understood what God's love and grace was all about, but this weekend I experience anew the unrelenting and undeniable love and grace of my Creator. The outpouring of agape and the constant prayer that I experience this weekend will go with me throughout the rest of my ministry.

I want to thank those of you who wrote letters....Debbie, Caitlyn, Melissa, Alexis, David, Pam, Landon, Mom, Dad, and many, many more. They spoke to my heart and they touched my soul. Your words of encouragement and inspiration will sustain me on days when life gets me down and I don't feel like living for Jesus.

During one of the Communion services (those of you who have been on Emmaus know what it's called) I laid down my self-reliance for my work, my family, and my walk. I left it there at the foot of the cross and I would like to enlist your help in keeping me accountable to my commitment. If you see, hear, or identify a point in my ministry, my family time, or my personal walk with Christ where I am relying on my own power, rather than the strength of the Holy Spirit, please get my attention and correct me.

De Colores!
Dean Libby
Denton Area Emmaus Walk #21
Table of Matthew



Anonymous said...

Lead on Dean, Lead on.

Ms. Worley said...

Ergh!!!! I meant to write you a letter but I had a hard time putting words together and procrastinated until it was too late. Grr.
It sounds like your weekend was a great experience. Yay! And of course, de colores!
Dallas Area Emmaus Walk #162
Table of Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dean! I'm so excited for you! I'm glad Emmaus (and God's love) was/is more than you expected! I miss you, and I'll see you over Spring Break!
Fly with Christ :)
Flight 51
Table of the Magnificent Mariposas