31 January 2008

Going All the Way: Book Review

I finished reading Going All The Way this morning and I must admit that I was challenged and inspired by reading it - both for my own marriage and for applying it to any couple that walks thru my doors to get married. Here are some thoughts on it for the folks over at LifeChurch.tv:

"Habits of the Heart" was the most useful material in the whole book. That chapter contained good, concise challenges for pre-marital and married couples alike.

The 'Husbands/Wives' chapters (12 & 13):
  • challenged me to re-evaluate my goals and responsibilities as a husband
  • gave me insight into the peculiarities of my wife that will help me better relate to her thinking/feeling/needs
  • basis in Eph 5.22-23 grounded the demands of God for healthy, holy ("oddly godly") marriage deeply in Scripture

The whole section on "Gearing Up for Your Two" was great, easy to understand and apply to my conversations with singles and pre-marital couples. They may find it hard to implement - depending on what has already happened, but it gives clear guidelines for keeping the One in focus while finding their Two.

Chapter 6 on "Playing House" gave me many things to equip couples who are doing just that. The "vows" Craig wrote for his frat buddy and his "live-in" were pointed and eye-opening. I have always felt that living together was a bad idea, but now I have some more meat to put into my argument for moving toward God's best for each person in a relationship.

Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite quotes from the book....



anne jackson said...

you know what is weird (and sorry, this has nothing to do with the post, although the book is fab!)

about 10 years ago i worked for a capital stewardship firm (cargill) who did a stewardship program for your church.

for reals!

Rev_DeanL said...

That is indeed weird and random, but a fun fact nonetheless.

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