21 September 2009

Daycare Program

Even though we closed our MDO earlier this summer, we are already making plans to open a new program after the first of the year. We realize that MDO was a ministry of the church and that we need to make sure that door is open as much as possible. That program met real needs in our community and it helped many families struggling to make ends meet get childcare that they could count on for a reasonable cost.

We are making improvements to our program and starting small, but we want to make sure that we get back into this ministry opportunity as quickly as possible.

Would you come to a church if "church" was a daycare? Would you invite your friends?


Larry L. said...

Just read all of your postings on "Rethink Church." The one which impresses the most, is in the Sept. 14th post. The quote from E. Stanley Jones that "In walking, equilibrium is upset by every movement in order to make progress....etc." But how does one overcome the natural tendency of not wanting to change? This tendency is seen in our Sunday School class, especially, where we can talk freely about how we feel.

Rev_DeanL said...

If we used our tendency to avoid change as a philosophy for our entire lives, then we would never learn to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, dare to ask someone on a date, or even think about leaving home in favor of greater opportunities.

The thing I wonder about is why the church tolerates stagnation as a viable option for itself. Don't you think God has greater things in store for us?

You have been in this church for a number of years and have seen many changes take place over that time. What attitudes existed in 1955 (when relocation happened) or in 1972 (when the Fellowship Hall was built) or in 1992 (when the Sanctuary was built) that seems lacking right now? Is there something that I as the pastor of this church need to be aware of in order to move the congregation forward as in years past?

John Maxwell says, "People change when they hurt enough they have to change; learn enough they want to change; receive enough they are able to change." Where are the people of University UMC in this?