24 October 2005

back to the grind

well, today is my first day back at work following caitlyn's arrival and i must say that i sure do miss my girls at home. there is lots to do here, but my heart is back at the house with debbie and caitlyn.

in other news, the house that tmumc built during our 40 days campaign was moved this morning. it was quite a sight to see - lumbering over the curb, blocking traffic in both directions, and wondering how the house was going to stay on that trailer! i know stephanie santa maria and her family will enjoy their new home in denton.

ok, i promise i won't post pictures of caitlyn all the time, but here is one i really love - hope you do to!



natkat05 said...

Good to have you back Dean Libby! Caitlyn is positively gorgeous!!! As opposed to negatively gorgeous, I suppose that was a compliment!

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Anonymous said...

Dean! It was awesome to see you and your lovely ladies on Sunday!!! Hopefully I'll get to see y'all again over Thanksgiving. Peace out, yo.