22 May 2006

Don't I have enough on my plate already?

I really should be doing other work right now, but I feel compelled to post. I am not exactly sure what I am going to post about, but I got very little sleep last night, so I am not sure if I am in the right state of mind just yet.

Anyway, Caitlyn has double ear infections again and is only comfortable when in an upright position (relieving pressure in her ears) - so laying down in her crib is almost useless. Deb and I were awake about half the night last night consoling her as she cried and sobbed her way thru the evening, late night, and early morning hours. It just breaks my heart to see tears roll down her beautiful face. I want so much to take away her pain so that she can rest comfortably. I want so much to ease her discomfort so that she can smile again, laugh again, and be herself again. It just breaks my heart.

I imagine that's the same way God feels when we are in pain - especially when that pain is avoidable. I'm sure that just as I sat in Caitlyn's room crying with her as she communicated the only way she knows how, God sits with us as we struggle to make sense of the mess we have made of our lives thru sin. Wanting to take away our pain. Wanting to ease our burden by taking it upon Himself. Knowing that the only way to freedom is thru the right medicine.

In the case of ear infections, that's an antibiotic. In the case of sin, that's Jesus' death on the cross. He is the only medicine that can take the screw-ups, failures, and messes of our lives and turn them into hope, joy, and peace. In the "detours" and "wrong turns" in our lives, our ultimate directions must come from Christ because he is the one who can lead us home.

Jesus, those who love you still feel the pain and discomfort of a life lived without you as it's center. Guide us to make you the driving force behind all that we do, so that we can leave behind the sin that so easily entangles us. Thank you for drawing near to us in our pain. Thank you for making a way thru the pain. Thank you for being our strength when we feel like we have given our all. Amen.


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natkat05 said...

I like the perspective. I'm not sure if you have it, but my new cell number is 8503130704. I know I asked you to call me, and then I realized I hadn't left my new number. My apologies. You see, I lost alot of numbers a while ago, otherwise I would be calling you. Thanks, Dean, for everything. -Natasha