31 July 2006

I thought weekends were for relaxing...

I think that was their original intention, but this past weekend was anything but relaxing for the Libby Clan.

We trekked to San Antonio on Thursday afternoon to spend some time with Debbie's folks before heading off to Tapatio Springs for a weekend with our college friends. However, things went south quickly. Debbie spent Thursday night coughing and not sleeping, went to the emergency care doctor on Friday morning and found out that she had a sinus infection.

That nixed our time at the resort - much to our chagrin. We were able to head out for an afternoon get together with our friends on Saturday, but we only stayed a few hours.

We were unable to go to church on Sunday morning because Debbie needed to recuperate from another night of coughing and no sleep. Our trip home that afternoon had us driving through a grass fire in Belton which stopped traffic for about 45 minutes.

Now we are home. Deb went to the doctor again and is suffering from allergies as well as the sinus infection. Tomorrow is her birthday - I think I'll be extra sweet to her since it will not be fun being sick on her special day.

BTW - I don't feel 100% either.
FYI - It sucks being sick!


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