19 July 2006

Happy Blog-iversary!

Today marks one year in the blogosphere for "The Gospel According to Dean" and I just wanted to share a few stats with my readers:

# of posts: 70
# of comments: 86
# of profile views: 140
avg # of posts per month: 5.83
avg # of comments per post: 1.23
avg # of comments per month: 7.17

top posts:
The big winner is "welcome to the internet caitlyn!" with 7 comments
Second place goes to "interesting conversation" with 6 comments
And three posts tied for third with 5 comments each:
"the wait is over" "Here's what I'm wondering..." and "For Sherry..."

Thank you to all of you who have posted comments and helped me to flesh out some of my incoherent thoughts. Maybe year two will provide a post that receives double-digit comments - who know?


1 comment:

Ms. Worley said...

Happy Blog-iversary Dean!!! Good to see you today.