10 October 2006

Time Flies When...

Caitlyn's first birthday is coming up this weekend and I am floored at how fast the year has gone! It seems like only yesterday that Deb and I were talking about having kids and what it would be like to be parents. Now we have a beautiful daughter who is into everything and is the light of our lives.

I have to say that when Deb brought home a pair of shoes for Caitlyn it took a second for the thought of Caitlyn walking to sink in. And now that we are putting them on her feet daily, she looks even more like a toddler and less like an infant! She is still a little uncomfortable in the shoes (and the socks for that matter!) but I think she is getting used to them.

When we were preparing for Caitlyn's arrival everyone told us that "children will change your life completely" and we sort of laughed it off, but they were exactly right. I continually wonder what we did with all the extra time we used to have.

I plan to take mucho mucho pictures at the party this weekend, so be on the lookout for cake-on-the-face pics up here soon!


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