30 October 2006

Time for Reflection...A Good Thing

If I had made this post Saturday afternoon I would have called it, "Either Psychic or Lame" because that dream I had last week...it came true! Our Hospitality Training Event garnered exactly 17 attendees. Hence the title.

Since I am posting today, I have had more time to reflect and sleep and I have a much clearer head about what happened Saturday morning. Therefore, I neither think of myself as psychic or lame. I do still wish that more people had come to the training, but this just means that I will need to spend more time sharing my vision for hospitality ministries here at Trietsch in forums and at times that are more convenient for team members.

I do believe that I will need to spend 2007 convincing and inviting people to join the team that are on board with the vision that God has given me for this ministry. It will take the full efforts of my leadership team and I to make our transition to a "wow" producing ministry a reality.

Any suggestions on books I should read or people I should talk to about this?


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