13 February 2007

February Staff Mission Project

This morning most of the Trietsch staff went down to CC Young to celebrate February birthdays and Valentine's Day with the residents. It was an amazing hour of serving those whom Christ loves dearly and the world often forgets.

As we served those beautiful people cookies, juice, crackers, and mixed nuts I wondered how I am going to live out the last years of my life. Will my children put me in a "home" to be forgotten? Will my family take me into their home so that I can live with them? How will I deal with the constant loss of life-long friends?

The residents at CC Young seemed happy and well taken care of and I am proud to have this facility as a part of the United Methodist connectional system. I even met the grandmother-in-law of one of the elders in our conference. Louise was such a great woman to talk to and I promised her that I would say hello to Kathleen for her. I know that you will probably never read this Louise, but I am very glad to have met you and to make a connection with you thru Kathleen - God's peace be with you Louise!

Well, our team has been charged with the April Mission Project, so I hope we head to Starbucks soon to begin planning! Especially after reading Mark's post about his recent trip to the drive-thru!


If you would like to support CC Young financially, click here. If you would just like to find out more about the facility, click here.

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