17 April 2007

Much Needed Updates - Holy Week

Sorry for the long absence from the blogosphere...the week after Easter was a little crazier than I had anticipated...and this week is shaping up to be much of the same.

Ok...Holy Week:
Maundy Thursday was very cool once again this year. We did the whole experiential worship with 4 different stations. We had communion in tables of 12 (one of which I led). We had journaling stations (one with pen and paper and one with blogging (complete with new Trietsch blog - be sure to read the comments/prayer requests in the comment section of the Maundy Thursday post). We had candles for prayer requests and answered prayers. And we had a foot-washing station. Overall, this was a very cool way to remember Christ's last meal with his disciples.

Good Friday service brought us back to the reality of Christ's death. The Schubert Mass was both poignant and uplifting. And eventho it was all in Latin, the words went deep into my soul. As the altar was stripped of paraments and decorations, the finality of death really hit home. The complete darkness at the conclusion of the passion narrative brought chills and hammering a nail into the cross made me shudder because I realized once again what my sins did to my Lord. Powerful stuff!

Easter morning was fantastic! I was liturgist during the contemporary services and the attitudes were great and the air was electric! That's the best way that I can describe it. God was working in that place like we have never seen before. All the preparation we did...all the worrying we did over the weather...all the fretting about how many chairs were set up...all that went away when the sun came out and we knew that the Son had risen indeed. It was awesome! Praise God!


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