03 June 2007

Annunal Conference - Day 1

Sunday, June 3, 2007: Clergy Session and Opening Worship
On Sunday afternoon I attended the Clergy Session for this year's Annual Conference where several friends of mine were elected to probationary membership in our conference and one other was elected to full membership and ordination in our conference.

I went to dinner with a few colleauges and had a great conversation about the future of ministry in the UMC - with a special emphasis on attracting younger clergy to Methodism. The guys who I ate dinner with shared several different strategies on how to move forward in this area, but we are still struggling on how to move such a large body of people in new directions when we only meet as a whole body once every four years.

At opening worship there were 95 PT interns commissioned for this summer's program. They then helped to serve communion to the almost 2500 people in attendance. It was very cool to see all those college students who are giving their summer to serve the underserved here in Dallas. I pray that Trietsch can lift up a few interns next summer to serve with PT in 2008.


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