09 August 2007

Leadership Summit: Session 3

Floyd Flake: The Heat of Responsibility
The Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake pastors the Greater Allen AME Cathedral of New York in Queens and he had plenty to say to the Summit participants. It almost seemed like he had two hours worth of material that he had to condense into 45 minutes. Did anyone else think that he never seemed to breathe? His thoughts on different models in leadership came fast and furious, so I didn’t catch everything (nor do I think he had time to say everything), but I caught what I could.

Here are some of the notes that I took during his session:

• Model 1: Transitional Leadership - Often set in motion the plans for change, but may not see that change thru to the end (ex. John the Baptist)
o Must begin with the end in mind because if you begin a process without knowing where you are going then it is difficult to get others to follow
o In the transitional stage you begin to get a glimpse of what can happen
•Model 2: Transactional Leadership
o Get buy-in and then decide when to take action
• Model 3: Transparency in Leadership
o Make sure your financial house is in order
o Choose competent and qualified partners
 People you trust
 People trusted by others
o Trust God enough to be honest
• Model 4: Transcendent Leadership (I don’t think he actually talked about this, I think they just put up the slide as he moved right past it)
• Model 5: Transformational Leadership
o Many of our plans fail because we lack the vision to build for future generations – need to have a “transcendency plan” – have to have something that future generations can take up when we are gone
• “Be the best leader you can be so that those who come behind you can be even greater”


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