10 September 2007

Ministry Forum, Day 1

I'm at the Ministry Forum today and tomorrow and I must say that being with my clergy colleagues is always fun. We are scarred from the same Systematic Theology classes, bleary-eyed from late nights trying to write sermons, and loved by the same God who calls us into ministry. It is a good feeling to be among those who are giving their heart and soul to advance the kingdom of God here in North Texas.

I promised last week that I would blog about what I learned in Vegas...and I will. Tonight I will put my thoughts on here to share with those of you who care to stop by and read them. I am excited about what we (the Church) can learn from the city of broken dreams (I don't know if that is a nickname for Las Vegas, but it sounds good!).

That's all for now...I'm off to read the new issue of RELEVANT.