13 November 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Insights

This weekend in Celina was great! I enjoyed preaching in a sanctuary built in the 1920s that still had ceiling fans to help circulate the air (even though they have retrofitted with A/C). This was my first Commitment Sunday sermon and I am proud to say that I was able to talk about giving to the church without preaching on a text that directly deals with finances...b/c we all know that giving only includes finances [he says sarcastically]!

No really, the idea that Jesus calls us to give what is in our hand and allow him to do the work of multiplying it makes giving truly a spiritual experience. If we trust only in ourselves to provide for the ministry of the church, then what do we need God for? If it's all about what we give, then why in the world would God show up? I believe that if we don't have enough faith the dream dreams bigger than our pocketbooks can bear, then we are not yet dreaming God-sized dreams! And if we are not willing to dream God-sized dreams, then we are not truly trusting in God to grow our churches to what he has called them to be.

Up next...preaching on "does God want me to grow?" at Faith UMC in Denton/Corinth using Isaiah 54:2-3 as the text.


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