09 November 2007

Weekend on Commitment

This weekend I am preaching at FUMC Celina on the last week of their annual stewardship campaign (a.k.a. Commitment Sunday) and I am trying to figure out how to inspire the people at First Church to respond faithfully to God's call to give of their financial resources.

I am thinking about using Mark's account of the feeding of the 5000 to talk about how God uses what we have in our hands to bless those around us in ways that we cannot fully comprehend in the moment that we give it. This passage shows how the disciples wanted to send the people away (who had gathered to hear Jesus) in order for them to find food, but Jesus challenged the disciples to gather up what food they had on hand and bring it to Jesus. Jesus then takes those five loaves and two fish and feeds 5000 men (and probably at least that many women and children as well). Jesus takes a sack lunch and turns it into a banquet that 15,000 people went away stuffed from - that is awesome!

The coolest thing about that story is that we can have that too...when we are faithful to give when God calls us to give (no matter what is in our hands), then miracles can happen that will blow us away.

Has God blown your mind lately? When? How?


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