28 March 2007

"Going Toward the Moon"

I just talked with the chair of Missions here at Trietsch and she made an interesting point about the progress we are making in reconfiguring the Missions Committee: "We are going toward the moon like the space shuttle does upon take off...a little correction to the right...a little correction to the left..., but we are making progress in our journey toward the moon."

I had not heard about the in-air corrections that the shuttle must make as it leaves earth's atmosphere, but I thought the image was quite appropriate for our journey to reinvent what Missions is about....a little correction here, a little correction there, but a general path toward the moon. We have our goal in focus and the bumps and blocks along the way will not keep us from getting to the moon. We cast the vision and we will see it thru to completion. We will make mid-air corrections and live with the difficulties of doing ministry enmeshed in the human condition.

We're going toward the moon...with God's help we are going toward the moon!


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