09 January 2011

Matthew 17-18

Again, lots going on in these two chapters so I'll keep my thoughts focused on a few passages:

The Transfiguration (17.1-13)
Peter, James, and John follow Jesus up a mountain and witness an amazing event that terrifies them. They may not have clearly understood what took place that day, but they knew it was a game-changer.

They even received a better understanding of John the Baptists role in Jesus' ministry.

Dealing With Sin in the Church (18.15-17)
What if church leaders (or regular church folks too) dealt with sin in the way Jesus describes? What if we had the gumption to actually talk to someone who wronged someone else face-to-face? What if we then brought in an additional person to verify our conversation of confrontation? What if we then took the unrepentant sinner in front of the church to confront their sin? What if we then turned the unrepentant sinner out?

I'm glad living biblically doesn't stress me out...

What verse(s) stuck out the most to you in Matthew 17-18?

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