07 November 2005

Fusion Reflections, part 1

After attending Fusion+Dallas this weekend I learned a few things:

1) All conferences are not created equal
Fusion+Dallas was a chance for 20 and 30-somethings to find out about mission opportunities that are available to them around the world. This is not the usual theme for conferences geared toward young adults. I am glad that the RightNow organization is passionate about igniting a fire in the hearts of this generation, but...

2) Not all mission work is overseas
I was highly unimpressed with the lack of opportunities within the US to evangelize, reach the unchurched, or share the gospel. Most of the mission opportunities were in "Christian-hostile" environments outside of the US. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for Christians sharing their faith with those who's aim it is to kill them, but there are plenty of people in America who are hostile, indifferent, or confused about Christianity. Why do some sectors in Christianity continue to ignore the fact that the US is no longer a "Christian nation" - if it ever was? Why do the youth of American Christian churchs have to go to Mexico or Africa or China in order to spread the gospel? Why can't they see that there is a large population of people who need the love of Christ right in their neighborhood?

More tomorrow...

Grace & Peace


kristin anderson said...

deeeeean, oh my goodness, how ARE you? and deb and caitlyn?? hope all of you are doing well. im super excited bout reading sfgkw. have you read blue like jazz? im a fan of that one as well. anyways, just wanted to say hi and i hope youre doing well! have a good day!

natkat05 said...

I do agree. And I appreciate your prayers. Last night, Jon Rutty mentioned the Peace Cores. I can't be sure, but to me- this is the first thing I have gotten excited about in a long while. As young as I am, this calling has opened me eyes, for the first time since graduation, to just how much I can do now that I have graduated. Although, I am more confused than ever too.